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"A little porn never hurt anyone."

Hi. Here's a recent interview with Mike Gravel. It's interesting to read his reflections on his campaign, as well as his thoughts on current things, especially concerning Sarah Palin since he's from her state.

Also, if you don't have anything to do for the next 86 minutes, here's his speech in a room packed full of French university students.
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How one should drop out.

Gravel has been pretty much the 'anti-Hillary' from the first time he stepped onto the stage in South Carolina, and today, like Hillary he has been beaten by another candidate from his selected party and dropped out.

Hillary has been up there spouting excuses, and doing some despicable things, it was certainly refreshing to see this video where Gravel bowed out, with a smile on his face. I believe it was a mistake for the Libertarian Party to not give him a shot, and the way he bowed out was proof of this. However, as Gravel said, it was their mistake to make.

I'm glad to hear that Gravel will not let this get him down. It proves he's not in it for the prestige of a position, but because he believes it is right, and that even though he doesn't have 'power' he does, and he will use it to the best of intentions.

Hillary, on the other hand, started out 'for the voters' when they were on her side, and an enemy of them when she started to lose. Instead of respecting the people for their decision, she instead poses arguments that she has more votes in red states. Though, it is pretty well known that many republicans were messing with her by switching to Democrat and voting for her.

I'm not sure who I'm gonna vote FOR now, but I know who I won't vote for. I will not vote for an individual who do not believe in the will of the people, or worse, only believe in them when they help them obtain some type of title.
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The end.

"I just ended my political career," he said. "From 15 years old to now, my political career is over, and it's no big deal. I'm a writer, I'm a lecturer, I'm going to push the issues of freedom and liberty. I'm going to push those issues until the day I die."

A Genuine New Song!

I have been working on this cheeseball song about Senator Gravel for about two months and just finished it.

I think it'd be really fun to make a remix competition for it. I could post the raw tracks on a site of my design for people to download and reuse.



There's a Senator I know of who's got balls of steel.
So assertive it's unheard of he's got sex appeal, it's Mike Gravel.
He's Mike Gravel.

Kickin' ass in Senate back in '71, exposed corruption in the white
house, tricky Dick was undone.
It's Mike Gravel.
He's Mike Gravel.

Single-handedly ended the draft.
He's the master of the diplomatic crafts.
Oh, we gotta get him into the house.
Ain't gonna settle for anybody else.

If you're gonna feel it, you'd better believe it.
This guy's the real deal.
When the Senate is lost and we consider the cost it's too great.
Empower the people, we need action not feeble attempts to pander to the
If you talk to you neighbors, you'll find that we're able to start
thinking out loud.

Big media ignores him cause he's calling them out.
He's got solutions so inclusive, huge political clout.
I wish this guy was still on NBC News but GE would rather double
aircraft carrier crews.

Mike's more in-line with the American people who are tired of war, sick
of the feeling that we're stuck in a recession, a hardcore regression of
the fundamental things that make America beautiful.

Enjoy and have fun!
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Mike Gravel is now a Libbatarian:

I'm a little disappointed by this, but not too much. I guess it makes sense; however, I support pretty much everything about Mike Gravel's campaign, but I only support about half of Libertarianism. More specifically, I believe people should be allowed to do what they want as long as no one is harmed, but that whole "the government shouldn't be allowed to help us" angle really turns me off. Gravel doesn't seem like a Libertarian, but he's also not really a Democrat. I wish he had stayed in the Democratic race at least until the really late primary in Oregon (my state), since that was the only reason I registered as a Democrat, but I guess it doesn't really make a difference anyway since he'll still be on the ballot (I think). It's good that there are more good third-party choices, though unfortunately I guess this means I'm going to be voting against him unless he somehow convinces me he's a better choice than Nader.
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get together

hey everyone!

i just joined this community and i wanted to post this big long thing my friend wrote at http://www.gravel2008.us/node/3299

we want to get involved. we want to get others involved.

Hey Everyone!

This is going to be kind of long, but I think it is a good idea and I just want to put it out there so that maybe I can get enough people to go along with it or help with it that something could actually happen.

I know you guys agree that the other candidates suck (for lack of effort in attempting to fashion a more intelligent-sounding phrase) and you do not want them to be president and you want someone like Mike who actually has new, different, plans to effect REAL CHANGE to be president. How can we make that happen? BY DOING SOMETHING, OF COURSE!!

So, then, here are my two cents.

Recently I have been frustrated that Mike has not received the attention he deserves. I know there are tons of people who feel the same way about the issues, but who are unaware of who Mike is. I have been racking my brain to think of ways to get his name out there. I am currently designing  posters, flyers, and handouts that I will post on the site so you can use them in your area. No one is going to get him elected for us. We have to take as much action as possible. I mean, I am only one person, but I have told over 50 people- everyone I know over and over. I have shown them the videos and now they support him too.

I want to outline my ideas for a peaceful fundraising event and demonstration. Basically, I want to get a bunch of people together at an outdoor venue to raise money and awareness and exercise our precious citizen power. I want to have tons of information available for free and also have items for sale where all the money would go to the campaign. I think we could raise a lot of money. I come from a really conservative area, so I had to completely discover Mike Gravel on my own and turn all my friends and family on to him. In my town, every political sign I see and most of the local news and political commentary focuses on the conservative perspective. In short, I think that if we did this, people would pay attention.

So, to the idea.  I live in Illinois and there are several large and beautiful public parks nearby that would be great venues for the event. Obviously it is still February and snowy here, so I think we should plan the event for Earth Day in April- the 22nd to be exact. By then it should be warm enough outside for this to work out. I already have some friends who have agreed to help make large display signs, t-shirts, and other gear to display and sell to raise money. I am a pretty crafty person myself, and so are a lot of people I know, so we are definitely going to be able to do It. Some of my other fundraising ideas include having food for sale, having “peace candles” for sale to be lit at dusk,   having live music- I already know a few people who will probably be able to perform at it. I also want to choose a couple of the prettiest trees and rope them off and have people hug them for a small fee that goes to the campaign. I am sure I will think of more fundraisers, too. I definitely want to speak at it myself and get some other people to speak as well. There will be many areas to dispose of waste- recycling, compost and trash receptacles. There has to be some way to be able to show videos outside, but I haven’t quite worked that out yet. In addition, I am going to try and have petitions available for signing for the reform of various laws. I was thinking that there are at least a handful of businesses that I could attempt to involve in the event, such as Trader Joe’s and other independent businesses that support our perspective on the issues. Surely they would be able to donate some stuff for the event, because that would make it that much better. I am young and broke,  so I am not really all that able to pay for it myself.

I was thinking about the impact that this event could have. I will employ my friends to do some serious grassroots publicizing of the event way ahead of time and leading up to it, like starting now. This whole idea started with me thinking about how if I have to march up and down the highway with a sign or sit in the center of town banging loudly on a drum, or whatever to get people to pay attention, then I will do it. but i wanted to do something bigger than just that.

Mike is right. Our country is supposedly based on the idea of the people having the power. It’s pretty pathetic that there are so many people who might vote, you know, if the weather’s nice, or who only want to place their vote “where it counts” and who expect that all they have to do is go pick someone and then wait for everything to be fabulous.

Anyway, we have GOT to DO something. And I think this is a good idea. It would surely get some attention in my area, but I was thinking that if there were some way we could coordinate similar events in other areas around the same time, we could make a much larger impact. I know that I am idealistic, but I also think that there is still a TRULY REALISTIC chance that if we try hard enough, we the people WILL change things, and that we STILL CAN get Mike elected. I would really appreciate any feedback that you have and thanks for reading this.

Much Love!